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I lost my password, how can I get in?

You can find a ‘Lost your password‘ link just under the login form in the home page where you are required to enter your username/email address for password reset.


I didn’t receive my password via email

Be sure to check your spam / junk mail folder for an email from the ‘Online Directory of Churches & Christian Organisations in Singapore’.


What is the “Guide to Churches and Christian Organisation” 2015 about?
The Guide is created to promote Christian unity, cooperation and networking among different Christian denominations and organisations.


What is the purpose of the Registry of Churches and Christian Organisation?

The Registry of Churches and Christian Organisation is an online data collection depository where current listed Church and Christian organisation can go to update their organisations’ information.

The contact information collected will eventually be used to publish the Guide to Churches and Christian Organisation 2015 and made available via an online search page in the near future.

Where statistical information is concerned, the data collected will be archived internally. However when necessary, the data gathered will collectively be used for the reporting of national statistics.


What should I fill in for Title and Designation?

“Title” – refers to a form of address that serves to identify a status.
Some examples are; Mr, Mrs, Ms, Rev, Dr and Deacon.

“Designation” – refers to an appointment to or selection for an office, post, or service.
Some examples are; Lay Pastor, Counsellor, Centre Manager, Dean and President.

A drop-down menu has been provided for you to select the appropriate Title and Designation.
You may also select “Others” in the drop-down menu to provide other Title and Designation which is not available in the drop-down menu.


Who can be listed in this directory?

Relevant Christian entities that are government registered and holding a Unique Entity Number or UEN that minister to the needs of the Christian community at large.

If you are not currently listed in the Guide and wish to do so, please fill up the form here:

NCCS and The Bible Society of Singapore reserves the right to reject your application if your Christian organisation is not suitable for listing.


I am not a Christian organisation, how can I put my information on the GUIDE?

If you are non-Christian organisation and wish to showcase your products and services in the GUIDE, you may do so by placing an advertisement.

Do note that advertisement rates apply and spots are given on a first-come-first-served basis.

Please write to for more information.



 How can I create a new Church/Organisation registration?

There is a ‘Register for a new account link just below the login form in the Home page. Please note that approval of new account will be based on the data you submitted.


Is the listing free of charge?
Yes, every registered Church and/or Christian organisation is given a standard listing that is free of charge.
– However, should your listing exceed the standard listing size, charges may apply.


Can I list more than one Church / Christian organisation location?
Yes, you may do so by clicking on the “Add Location” button.


Can I list a sub-ministry arm under my Church / Christian organisation?
Yes you may, as so long as it is relevant to the Christian community at large.

For example, if you are a government registered Church / Christian organisation, and has a sub-ministry that is not a government registered (Ie. Library or Research facility), that serves the needs of the general Christian community, simply click on the “Add Location” button and choose the relevant category to list.


My Church / Christian organisation has a Chinese name, can I register with Chinese Characters?
Our system now allows for the input of Chinese characters for the following fields:


  • 所属教会/机构 (Church/Organisation)
  • 尊称 (Title)
  • 名 (Given Name)
  • 姓 (Family Name/Surname)
  • 职位 (Designation)
  • 使命宣言 (Mission Statement)
  • 愿景宣言 (Vision Statement)

If you are a predominately Chinese-speaking church or Christian organisation, please complete your details in BOTH the English and Chinese fields provided.

For English-speaking churches or Christian organisations, the input of Chinese characters is not required.


Will my information be sold to marketing agencies?

No. We do not sell information.

Please refer to our PDPA policy here

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